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What is P.D.R ?


Maybe you are concerned about this method of removing dents from your car ?

Well, please do not worry ! 

Actually, our system of dent repair originated more than 70 years ago in car production plants.  And the factories of cars such as Porsche, Ferrari and Bentley still use this very same method of repair today.  

When these factories found dents in the bodywork of their new cars they used special lighting and tools in order to "massage away" the imperfection.


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PDR was previously a well kept secret of car manufacturers

Now everyone can benefit from this type of repair, outside of the factory assembly lines.

There are now hundreds of PDR technicians all over the world removing dents this way.  We specialise in repairing your damaged car without harming its original factory paint finish.


But as in all professions there are serious professionals, and others less so in paintless dent repair, so it is crucial to choose the right PDR company who you can trust with your vehicle. If you put your car in inexperienced or poorly trained technicians your car could end up in a far worse state.


The technique used in PDR paintless dent repair is very intricate. Much experience is required to avoid damaging the car. The dent is carefully reduced then removed completely through applying pressure with specially designed PDR tools and PDR lighting and reflection methods, and the car is returned to its original factory finish, without the use of any paint, filler or lacquer.


If the dent is not removed with care and patience then unfortunately the paint can become cracked or damaged leaving you no choice but to then have the dent repaired by a traditional paintshop where you not only run the risk of a difference in paint colour but your car will be subject to several harsh processes, using filler and other chemicals, in order to remove the dent. 


Paintless Dent Repair is kind to the environment as we do not use any chemicals, gases, inflammable liquids or corrosives, usually associated with car painting repairs.



Here are examples of what can happen to your vehicle in the hands of inexperienced and poorly trained PDR technicians.




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We have more than 25 years experience working on all car makes and models
from Fiat to Ferrari.

The owner learned his craft in the workshops of Rolls Royce & Bentley in the 1980´s and customers have entrusted their vehicles in his expert hands for many years.




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